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Home Security Basics

There is a burglary in America every 16.4 seconds. Most are not reported until the owners return home to find their possessions stolen and the perpetrators long gone. Protect your home and family with a personalized security system from Innovative Home-Automation and Audio-Visual Solutions, LLC integrated with Alarm.com for a total solution. Unlike traditional security systems, our custom home security systems are wireless and cannot be disabled by cutting your land line. Our custom security systems secure outside doors and monitor movement in your home, providing a dual layer of protection.

We at Havitaas offer affordable custom home security systems that fit any budget. Our personalized security solutions offer reliable 24/7 protection and monitoring combined with the fastest response time in the nation. Choose from any of our custom alarm systems that offer fire, flood, and smoke monitoring, home automation, or video surveillance in addition to our basic services.

We offer three Monitoring Plans that can be customized to fit your security needs. All three of our Monitoring Plans provide 24/7 intrusion monitoring, 100% secure wireless communication with our central station and the fastest emergency notification system in the industry. From there you can add features such as Crash & Smash protection, which alerts you when your control panel is being tampered with, smartphone control to manage your custom alarm system through your smartphone or tablet, home automation, or location-based control allowing you to set rules for your security system when you are at home or away.

We believe everyone deserves to have peace of mind in their own home and help to ensure this peace of mind by providing security systems you can be confident in – security that’s simple, affordable, personalized, and most importantly, reliable.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end there either – along with our support team, our award-winning customer center takes pride in being there for you when you need us, so you can relax and enjoy what matters most.


At Havitaas, we know security is more than just scaring away intruders. It's about having an easy to use home security system that works with your lifestyle and integrates all the innovations available with today's technology.


Going green isn't just about getting efficient appliances, it's about monitoring and managing your energy use on a regular basis to keep costs low and save your family money.


We live in a connected world, and your mobile device becomes a window into your home whether you are there or not. IHAAVS puts complete control in the palm of your hand.